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Each month Leanne will inspire you with her insights and guidance assisting you on your journey of creating your life a congruent soul.
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These ideas help guide you and bring you a deeper awareness of who you are.

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Providing You Inspiration, Education and Guidance to Manifest Your Desires.

Congruent Wellness is about having what you need and want, for yourself, to bring you happiness and peace. Whether you seek better relationships, better finances, better health, or right livelihood, this website can help you. You can have health & happiness. Investing in yourself changes you and the world, one person at a time. As a Clinic & Training Facility Congruent Wellness focuses on wellness of the physical, emotional and spiritual. The approach is centered on self-empowerment through self-inquiry.  Congruent Wellness Teachers share with you, not only ways to obtain good health but also to manage the stresses of life, and manifest a life filled with blessings and abundance.


At the heart of every encounter with Congruent Wellness you will experience improved self-awareness to empower you to create miracles in your life. These miracles may include:

  • achieving your ideal weight
  • improving your relationships
  • healing physical symptoms or illness
  • improving your sleep
  • increasing your energy level
  • better finances
  • overall feeling of well-being
  • sense of purpose

Congruent Wellness Features:

  • Helps you to see the connection between your physical and emotional realities
  • Empowers you to see you have more control then you think
  • Teaches how to live life to the fullest
  • Helps you to get through the challenges & stresses of life
  • Provides numerous resources & tools to assist you in manifesting your desires
  • Draws on medical and scientific background and the traditions of hypnosis, meditation and intuition while adding its own unique flare
  • Customized approach to meet your unique needs and circumstances
  • In person, on-line, individual and group options to assist you
  • A practical system that works



 Our Clinic & Training Facility offers many treatment and training opportunities. The treatment and training introduce concepts about intuition, hypnosis, meditation, and belief systems, while assisting you on your healing or manifesting journey. It provides practical ways to use the Law of Attraction. Whether during a Reiki treatment, one to one coaching session or one of the Congruent Wellness Programs, you are offered a personal approach to obtaining Wellness using a variety of tools including meditation and intuition.



Congruent Wellness has helped many people just like you.

"I had the opportunity to learn and understand concepts that I knew about but maybe hadn’t comprehended fully at first and I was also introduced to entirely new concepts.  Each concept was carried out consistently and made it easy to practice and tied it all together."

" I learned that everything comes down to emotions and feelings. That my beliefs determine how I feel and think about something. I was shown practical and effective ways to identify and transform my beliefs".  more Testimonials


Come join a Congruent Wellness Training Program or visit us in our clinic. We are dedicated to showing you the way to manifest your desires by aligning your thinking. You are invited to explore, learn and grow. You are invited to begin your journey creating your life congruently-aligning body, mind and soul with your spirit.

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