The Art of Aligning Body & Mind with Spirit

Congruent Wellness is lifestyle coaching that explores in depth the concept “thoughts create your reality” bridging the world of the physical and emotional reality. Working with your belief system in this way creates a reunion with the spirit within. As your lifestyle coach, Leanne with teach you these principles and show you how to connect to your beliefs.

Mastering living your life aligned to your spirit is the key to happiness. When you are doing this you are creating your life a congruent soul and that is heaven on earth.



Congruent Wellness Vision:

For people to be living the Congruent Wellness Lifestyle. Congruent Wellness is a philosophy that empowers you to create physical, emotional & spiritual well-being in a nurturing, supportive & healing place. It is a place where people turn for inspiration, education & guidance. The Congruent Wellness Lifestyle is a way of living that is focused on connecting to, and making choices, and creating each experience from one’s true self. One’s true self is defined by the alignment of the conscious, subconscious and soul consciousness with the energy of Spirit.

Congruent Wellness Mission:

To educate people about this way of living and to make it affordable.


Leanne Giavedoni is the founder of Congruent Wellness. Her passion is to teach self empowerment through awareness of the body, mind and soul. She combines her own life experiences with her education and training to provide each person what they are looking for. Her education and training includes:

  • Bachelor of Science Biology, McMaster University
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of Toronto
  • Consulting Hypnotist
  • Certified Medical Intuitive
  • Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Leanne’s approach to health and wellness involves being in tuned to what you think, feel and how you act. This intuition comes by understanding how the mind truly works, and that the body and mind are partners in experiencing life. As your Congruent Wellness Teacher, Leanne will guide you through this Lifestyle Coaching to teach you practical and effective ways to achieve this connection through training programs or at the Congruent Wellness Clinic.

Congruent Wellness Lifestyle coaching can help you improve your life; find the secret to your happiness, feel empowered, feel free, balanced and at peace. As your Congruent Wellness Teacher & Lifestyle Coach, Leanne is committed to showing you ways to understand your beliefs, change your perspective and release fear. This enables you to create your life to its fullest.


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