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Are you looking for answers?
Are you wanting to make changes?
Are you seeking improved health & wellness?
Are you needing to move beyond struggle?

Congruent Wellness Coaching can help you.


Manifest desires by aligned thinking.


  • Improve Motivation
  • Eliminate Negative or Unwanted Habits
  • Create Success
  • Attract What You Want
  • Explore Your Spirituality
  • Develop Intuition
  • Promote wellness

Congruent Wellness Lifestyle Coaching is life coaching that reminds us that we are “spirit having a human experience in a body with a mind”. As humans, we are all common in that we want to feel happy. What defines happiness for one person is different than what defines happiness for another person. Society is wonderful at having us believe that our happiness lies in not only material things, but the same things. That somehow if we are all living the “American Dream” we will be happy. For some that may be the case. But for many people happiness is still missing. My experiences as a life coach have shown me that the level of happiness is not determined by the attainment of material things.

As your lifestyle coach, I help you understand the missing piece to your happiness. Congruent Wellness Lifestyle coaching is all about helping you define you and therefore your happiness. Life begins to fall into place when you are being true to yourself. As your lifestyle coach, I take you on a journey from where you are to who you truly are. I am your eyes and ears until you can see and hear for yourself. With a life coach you are assisted, from wherever you are on your path in life, with the resources that will guide you a step at a time.

As a lifestyle coach, I have a personal love for coaching people with improving their health & wellness, weight management, dealing with situational stress, developing their intuition and overcoming emotional barriers to happiness. Life coaching assists you in becoming a steward of love for yourself, others and the earth. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I am ready to be your life coach and teach you how to create your life a congruent wellness and experience the happiness you deserve.

Perhaps you are a business owner or in a leadership role. Congruent Wellness Lifestyle coaching helps you to become a better leader. As a business coach, I can show you where your business is working and not working in meeting your personal needs. If your business is struggling, I will show you how you are creating that situation and how to change it. Business coaching is really similar to life coaching with the emphasis just being specific to your relationship with your business. With business coaching you are shown how to balance all areas of your life.

How does Congruent Wellness Lifestyle Coaching Work?

3 types of coaching:

  1. Workshops
  2. Guided meditations
  3. Personal one to one coaching


Congruent Wellness workshops introduce concepts and provide exercises for you to work with. These provide a practical, convenient and effective way to learn and are accessible to assist you 24/7. To view Workshops available to purchase click here.

Guided Meditations

Meditation is probably the single most effective tool I use. With a meditation practice you gain insight and clarity at levels that are truly healing and life changing. To assist you with meditation I have created a number of guided meditations and a workshop on how to meditate. To view Meditations available click here and scroll down to bottom of page.

Personal One to One Coaching

As a life coach, I am available by appointment to work directly with you. People find they need personal lifestyle coaching when:

  • They just do not have the knowledge or experience and they need to become informed.
  • They feel blocked and cannot see clearly for themselves.
  • They need encouragement or reassurance.
  • They need to feel supported.

Common themes clients seek Coaching for:

Healing the Past

Finding Purpose and Passion

Building Intuition

Improved Physical Health including Weight Management


Wellness Lifestyle coaching is confidential, private, safe and comfortable.

To book your Personal Wellness Coaching Session, click here

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