A Simple Exercise To Help You Meditate
While sitting or lying down comfortably, imagine you have a paint brush and imagine that you are stroking your big toe on your left foot with the paint brush. You can do this with your eyes open or closed but it may be easier with the eyes closed. Really picture this paint brush stroking your toe.

If you are kinesthetic you will really feel the sensation of the brush stroking your big toe. If you are visual you will focus more on the image of the brush and toe usually with detail. If you are auditory you may hear the sound of the brush stroking the toe. If you are cognitive you will just know that the brush is stroking your toe. You may notice you experience more than one style.

Continue with the visualization moving to each toe on the left foot, then the right big toe and all the other toes on the right. Take your time and really imagine the process. When you are done the toes move up the feet and continue moving up the body.

As you go through this focused concentration you will become more and more relaxed. You can use this anytime you need to relax your body and mind.


If you are new to meditation try the free introductory meditations below. Once you are familiar with meditation you will want to purchase the meditations further down the page, these are very powerful healing meditations.


Meditation is simply the act of slowing down the body and mind. During meditation you can bring your awareness to a specific focus. Deep breathing or breathe work is one of the fundamental ways to get into a meditative state. In this case the breath is the point of focus. Physiologically the breath has a calming and relaxing effect on the body and mind. The point of focus one directs their attention to while in meditation can be a number of things:

  • Sound
  • A word or chant
  • The body
  • Chakras
  • An image or scene
  • Energy
  • Feeling, emotion, or belief
  • Spirit

When it comes to learning to meditate really it is a matter of practicing regularly and taking time each day to just do it. Using a guided meditation when you are first starting a meditation practice can be very helpful. With regular meditation you will be able to easily and effortlessly get yourself into a relaxed state. With regular meditation practice you will also easily focus your awareness and connect to all sorts of amazing insights.

Four Meditation Styles

  1. Kinesthetic- when you close your eyes and direct your focus you feel sensations or emotions
  2. Visual- when you close your eyes you actually see images or colors
  3. Auditory- when you close your eyes you hear sounds or voices
  4. Cognitive –when you direct your focus you have an insight or awareness without the any of the three above

Many people do not “see” when they meditate. When you are meditating “sight/seeing” refers to all of the above. You will likely have 1 or 2 meditation styles that you use more when you meditate.

Introduction and Tips for Starting a Meditation Practice


Free Meditations









About the Guided Meditations Listed Below

If you are new to meditation you will want to start with the free meditations. I also recommend the workshops ABC’s, 123’s of Meditation, Chakra Workshop and Communicating with the Body. These all have instructions on how to meditate and guided meditations to assist you. The meditations below work really well when you have some experience or practice with meditating.

The first 4 meditations listed work together for assisting you with your healing journey. You may need to repeat a particular meditation more than once because our beliefs are interconnected and layered. There is no right or wrong way to use the meditations; you always get what you need when you need it.

The time indicated on the meditation is the length of the recording; however you may find that you remain in the meditative state after the recording stops. Even if you fall asleep or do not have a conscious memory of the meditation, the meditations are assisting you. One of my mentors always said “be prepared to be surprised”, so just keep an open mind and enjoy. Become an observer or a reporter and partake in the meditation from that perspective, this will keep you focused and give your conscious mind a job to do.

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Releasing Blocks
Sometimes we have emotional blocks that interfere with our ability to manifest what we desire. This meditation helps you to connect to these emotional blocks so that you have the awareness of what you need to change to allow yourself to achieve your goals. This meditation is recommended before the Removing Imprints meditation.

Length: 26 minutes Cost: $20

Healing the Heart
As a result of all of your fears and hurts, you have built a protection over your heart. This meditation is to assist you with allowing yourself to remove the protection so that you can experience life more fully from a place of love and gratitude.

Length: 30 minutes Cost: $20

Positive Affirmations
This meditation helps to reinforce positive and empowering suggestions to the subconscious mind to assist with healing and transformation. It works really well after having worked with Releasing Blocks and Removing Imprints. It can also be used on a regular basis to keep a positive mental attitude.

Length: 15 minutes Cost: $11

Circle of Beliefs
This is an advanced instructional meditation to connect to your core beliefs. It is recommended for those that have been practicing meditation. This process requires an ability to go in and out of meditation while journaling. If you are new to the concepts in this website you may want to first use the workshops and come back to this meditation at a later time. The steps that are outlined in the meditation can be done all at once or a little at a time.

Depending on how you choose to do this, the meditation ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Cost: $45

Past Beliefs
This meditation helps you to go into a deep state of relaxation to connect to memories that are deep within your subconscious or soul consciousness.

Length: 38 minutes Cost: $20

Nowhere to Turn
At times you reach a point that you have done all that you can do to understand or search for answers. Sometimes you just do not know where to turn or what to do next. These feelings can bring great frustration and even deep sadness. This meditation helps you to remember that you are always supported and gives you the strength and courage to carry on.

Length: 45 minutes Cost: $11

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