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January 2014

The Path We Travel

I really connect with nature and the symbolism we can derive from our experience and observation of the world around us. I love trees and how a row of trees creates a path. Recently I was on holidays and while walking I was inspired by the natural landscape and how it is a metaphor of the journey of life. Enjoy the audio message and Happy 2014!!



December 2013

 An area of great interest to me is how the planets affect our lives. This is an age old wisdom that frankly I personally do not have the gift for, but fortunately, many other wise souls out there still have this knack. Even though I personally do not know astrology and moon cycles I use them in my own life. Usually this information comes to me in the form of hindsight when something is not going my way and I discover that the planets are in retrograde or that a waning moon was upon us on that particular day. So it is my intention for the upcoming year to be cognizant of these factors that affect our energy. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you knew when to move ahead or when to stay low? How helpful would it be to have this additional piece of guidance? Although I cannot give it to you personally I am bringing it to your awareness so that you can pursue it if it feels right for you. I came across this website that explains nicely the different moon cycles and how they relate to our personal energy.  Have a browse and see what you think.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and an amazing 2014.



November 2013

Who or What is God?

This question has been the source of searching for 1000’s of years.  The many different answers to the question have been, and continue to be the source of inner & outer conflict. Religions & nations are divided by this very question.  As I write this lead in, I am beginning to question why I would even attempt to answer it, or if it is even possible to shed some light on it. Yet, my heart longs to share my version of “Who or What is God”?

The answer is not simple and there is not just one answer. I can only assume if you are reading this you either are familiar with me and the Congruent Wellness Approach or you have found this because it is what you are ready to explore. So here I go.

The answer starts with the explanation that there are different dimensions of reality. You may have heard of the 3rd dimension, 5th dimension and even 7th dimension (also known as heaven, nirvana).  

The answer to “Who or what is God” depends on which dimension of reality you are experiencing. For example, the 3rd dimension is the one in which there is talk of a God but from a much separated point of view. There is earth and humans on one level, there is God and heaven on another and if you do not follow certain rules you may end up in hell, in purgatory, or back on earth (depends on which teachings you prescribe to). If you live life in a certain way as outlined by the same teachings you prescribe to, you get let into heaven or a version of it.

Have you noticed all of the shows and books available now that refer to angels, the spirit world, live after death etc.? If these are showing up in your experience you are likely beginning to explore the world of the 4th through 6th dimensions. Said in a very simplistic way we can connect to the 4th dimension of reality to connect to our past loved ones, the 5th to our spirit guides and the 6th to the Archangels. When you are living fully in balance & peace from a place of only love, it is said that you are living heaven on earth. Here you come to be aware that God is all things, is not a separate individual (not even an angel/guide), is unobservable yet the reason for everything you can observe. The conscious awareness of that is possible and glimpses of it are possible. But to be that again moves you into the 7th dimension, a place beyond life where life is born.

We came from the 7th dimension and we will return to the 7th at the end of our journey. Although this may be described as “heaven” this is a very different version of heaven than the one explored in the 3rd dimension of reality.

Your version & experience of God will vary depending on which dimension of reality you are currently experiencing. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. This magical universe brings you the experiences you need when you are in need of them. The orchestration of all of it, of all of life, for me is “Who or What God is”.

With blessings,




October 2013

 Would you lie to yourself to keep from making a mistake?

If you said no, you just lied to yourself. Now don’t feel bad, it is actually how the brain works. As part of the survival of the species our brain is hard wired to protect itself from making a mistake and it will go to whatever lengths needed to ensure this.  Recently I saw the phenomenon illustrated on the Jimmy Kimmel show. They interviewed fans of Justin Timberlake’s about what they thought about his live performance on the Emmy’s. The fans gave vivid descriptions and the crazy thing is that there was no performance—it was a gag, but the fans answered as though they watched it. On the TV series called Brain Games an illusionist held two cards of beautiful women and asked the participant which picture they thought was most beautiful (left or right). Afterwards the cards were put down and the one on the side they choose turned over. They proceeded to ask the participant to describe what they liked about the person in the picture. The trick was that the pictures were swapped AND the participant did not notice. 75% of the participants proceeded to describe in detail how beautiful the person in the picture was, not realizing it was not the one that they originally picked.

The significance of this fact about how our brain works is important to our self-awareness journey. We delude ourselves into thinking that having multiple choices is important and that more options bring us freedom, when in fact it does the opposite. The more choices we are faced with, the greater probability of making a mistake therefore creating more stress on our brains. There is a constant feeling that we may miss out on something, that this choice could be the wrong one. Marketing thrives on this fact and companies more than ever profit from this human nature. Look at cell phones and computers, car models; they change constantly, giving us the illusion that all this choice will make our lives better, faster, happier. And we buy into it literally and figuratively.

We can become impulsive and move on to the next thing or we can get frozen with fear and indecision, either scenario can be equally stressful and create feelings of unhappiness.

The fact our brain works this way is unavoidable, however you can use this to your advantage.

First of all knowledge is power, so just knowing this fact can help you understand your own nature (impulse, indecisive, buyers regret, searching for the next best thing). Have you ever noticed how hard some choices are, or how impulsive another might be? You do not have to be a victim to this nature though. Observe your own tendencies and call yourself on it the next time you are in this position of making a choice.

Secondly, you do have control over what choices you let into your wheelhouse. Understanding and staying true to yourself can keep your wheelhouse of choices in check. What are your values, morals, principles? What resonates with you? For some people, distinguishing between a want and a need helps. What is the motivation behind your choice?  What do expect to be the outcome of this choice? These last two questions are a really important skill to develop if you want to make choices that will bring about positive and happy results in your life. The more you understand yourself and the more confidence you have in that understanding the better equipped you are to know what choices you would even consider. You will be less influenced by society, media and even family and friends. Your choices will be less stressful.

The last point is that there really are no mistakes. In our human nature there are, yes that is true. But from spirits perspective there are no mistakes. At the core we are spirit and this is just a human experience we are having. You can adapt your experience so that you are coming from the perspective of spirit in your daily human experience. Learn to live as though this is heaven on earth.


With blessings,



September 2013

 In my interaction with people as a Wellness Lifestyle Coach it is apparent that people are their worst critics. For example I may hear their story and conclude that this person is “vibrant, strong, sensitive” while they see themselves as having failed.

Thinking about this reminded me an exercise I did back in 2004 when I was reading a book about the habits of successful people. The suggestion was to write your own obituary. This is a very valuable process and if you have never done this, I highly recommend it.

Take out a paper and write “What do I Think People Will Say about me?” As you write this list, it will be pretty clear if this is actually what you want people to think about you. The hope is that what you think people will say is in alignment with what you want people to say.

We are actually using the principle of mirroring here because what you think people will say is truly what you think about yourself. The use of “other people” here ultimately means you.

As an aside, if the idea of writing your obituary causes uneasiness you may need to do some reflection on the topic of death and dying. This is a topic that raises a great deal of fear. Unfortunately you cannot truly live life to its fullest if you fear death. Once you have done this self-inquiry you can go back to the obituary exercise.

It is my hope that you can see yourself as the awesome person you are.

With blessings,




August 2013

  Whether you are new to the journey of self-awareness or have been on this path for some time this message can be the breakthrough you need. It is time to release the guilt and shame that keeps you from all the good that you deserve and desire.

Consider for a moment whether you are holding on to guilt. The energy of guilt involves a sense of blame or responsibility for that which has happened. Shame feels a little different in the sense that although you may not be responsible for the actual outcome you may hold feelings about how you contributed to the outcome in some way. You could have come to terms with the outcome because there was no other option but you may still hold on to shame about the things you did or did not do leading up to the final outcome. Perhaps you hold shame over the way you reacted or the actions you took to get a certain outcome.

So it is time to take an inventory of what you may be holding on to. If you have feelings of guilt, what would you be feeling guilt about? If you have feelings of shame, what would you be feeling shame about?

Once you have gone within and connected to these emotions the realization itself will be like a breath of fresh air. People always ask me what to do once they realize what they feel and why they feel that way. So once a realization has been made, the next step is to look for the lessons within these realizations.  You want to find a way to feel and think differently about the past.

Sometimes you need to make choices and decisions about the present and future and these old memories can surface causing you fear. In these situations it is helpful to focus on  how you are different now, how much you have grown, how much more wisdom you have now compared to when these old feelings first arose. This will allow you to move forward and allow yourself to make the changes you desire or to feel at peace that the changes you have already made will work for you.

Take out a journal and reflect on these questions. Release the guilt and shame that keep you from being all that you can be.

With blessings,



July 2013

 Key Concepts to Manifesting Your Desires

I cannot remember how long ago The Secret came out but it feels like it has been a while now since I came across this notion of “attracting or manifesting your desires”. I have spent numerous years reading on the subject, practicing the techniques and trying to make it a part of my normal way of thinking. I have succeeded in many regards and in other ways I am still working on it. Along the way it has been clear that certain viewpoints are mandatory in order to consciously manifest what you desire. These include:

1.       Realizing that you ALWAYS get what you want. This may seem illogical. If I already had the new car I wouldn’t want the new car. Yet if you do not already have the new car, it is because YOUR MOTIVATION FOR NOT GETTING THE NEW CAR is greater than your conscious desire to have the new car.

2.       The emotion of fear is the strongest sabotaging motivation and gets in the way of getting what you want. So if you are not manifesting what you want, you need to connect to your fears, to change them, in order to allow what you want.

3.       Positive affirmations can only work if they are addressing those fears. If I am affirming that “I have everything I want” but my subconscious fear is that I do not deserve to get what I want, I am actually making the situation worse. The affirmation needs to speak to the fear of “not deserving”. Doing some self –inquiry work on the theme of “deserving” would help, in order to change your belief, thereby allowing the affirmation to work.

4.       Fears serve a purpose. Seeing fear as a teacher, an opportunity to make a change is more beneficial than getting upset about the fear. What you resist persists. So learn to dialogue with fear as though it were a frightened child needing reasoning.

5.       Feelings, beliefs, emotions are just thoughts. You can always change your thought. For every thought there is at least one other opposite thought. Get in the habit of seeing both sides of the situation. Once you see two ways to look at it, it becomes free will as to which thought you focus on. You will quickly learn that the one that makes you feel better is the one to focus on.

6.       Stay focused on the desired outcome. Each time you fret about it not happening yet, you give energy to it not happening, you re-enforce fear.

7.       We do not get what we want overnight. If we could manifest that quickly we would also manifest our worst fears that quickly—that would not be a good thing.

When all is said and done, manifesting is really a game of thoughts. What thoughts are players in this game? Which thought wins? With a little practice and enthusiasm, you can learn to master the game.

With blessings,



June 2013

 I often use the theme of gardening to reflect on life. I was out doing some gardening and was drawn to a bush I planted a number of years ago. It was so small and I was not anticipating it to grow so large. I trim it a few times a year to keep it under control. But this year it got too large for the space it has. To keep it a size appropriate for its location, it needed to be really cut back and that removed all of its flowers. The other concern is that it also affects the other plants in the garden because they are being covered up, shaded by the bush and not thriving as well as they could either. I look around the back yard to see if there is another place I could locate it. But it needs full sun and most of the other places are shaded. I am feeling torn. I want the bush to be able to thrive and blossom. Yet I cannot give it the space and the environment it needs. If I keep it where it is I have to hold it back—remove its blossoms and keep it smaller than its natural state. It needs the appropriate environment to thrive and that is hard to find in the rest of the surroundings. Even if I move it I risk it dying in the process. The other plants are not able to grow to their size either.

I keep staring at this bush and I see it as a mirror of what people go through when they are on a transformation journey.  As they desire change and work towards this change, they are faced with decisions. On this journey when getting the light and love they need, sometimes they outgrow the space they were in. They outgrow the people or activities they once connected with. 

What are the choices? Keep yourself small and hold back the flower you have blossomed to so that you fit in? Face that unknown and make a change or move? That might be easier if where the change would take you was clear. But what if there seems there are no other options?

I can’t say I have the answer other than to say that at these times we need to stay connected to that spirit’s voice within. The answer will reveal itself. Turn your attention away from the need to make a decision. Go within and you will find peace with where you are and the choices that face you. Even as I write this, I become aware of that impatient trait that humans have. This trait resists the idea of not getting the answer right now.  Yet there is another awareness that knows the best solution is to let go of the fear, the urgency, the need to make it happen. This changes the energy surrounding you and allows a solution to manifest. For a desirable outcome, the change needs to be coming from the energy of love.  Anything else will create challenges. Move away from the decision and focus on the feelings that are desired  by the outcome and let the universe take care of the rest.


With blessings, Leanne

Manifest desires by aligned thinking.


May 2013

Well, it has been a few months since I have written any messages, but I was just not feeling inspired. You see in this human experience we go through ups and downs. When we are on the down we may have to prioritize and adjust how or what we are doing. Everything I share through Congruent Wellness comes from my own experience. Perhaps if I share my process, someone else may get through their hard times with more ease. When things are feeling down, it is important to put other things on the back burner so that the things you need to pay more attention to are in front of you. It is necessary to notice how you are feeling during these times and to be honest with yourself about these feelings. This can be scary, challenging but also enlightening. The trick is to witness how you are feeling without becoming those feelings. Notice the emotions, where they are coming from, how you respond to them; the whole while knowing they are just emotions that will pass. You are not these emotions,they do not define you, you are just feeling them. With the human experience comes the experience of feelings & emotions, without them you would not be human. Learning to observe yourself having these experiences is a skill that is incredibly empowering.

During these "down" times I need to use all of the Congruent Wellness tools I have discovered over the years:

  • Set boundaries and prioritize what I need to be doing.
  • Spend more time in nature
  • Spend less time listening to news, TV, internet
  • Surround myself with those who love me and spend more time alone
  • Connect with people who are positive
  • Meditate even more regularly than I normally do. In meditation I do the following:
    • Journal
    • Mirror/reframing
    • Look to my life lessons and circle of beliefs
    • Positive affirmation
    • Healing visualizations
    • Self-hypnosis
  • Seek help, when needed and guided
  • Pivot-look for better feelings, remembering this too shall pass, because for every down there is an up

After all is said and done, this "down" passes. Maybe it takes days, weeks or months. But in hindsight you always come out aware of another layer of your truth, and that is a good thing.

With blessings, Leanne

January 2013

You are Perfect, Whole and Complete.

If you can not conceive and believe that you are perfect, whole and complete, you will not achieve this truth. For it to be your truth you must believe it.

What keeps you from believing in your perfection? We all have our stories. What is your story? As long as you have this story in your head, you will never believe you are perfect, whole and complete.

It is time for a new story. Start writing your new story today.

With blessings, Leanne


 December 2012

               I have no title for this message. I am not even sure why this message, but this is what I sat and wrote for this month. I can only assume that readers out there will resonant with it on some level.

It seems our deepest fear of all is being separated from God. I know most of us have no conscious awareness of this fear and many even doubt the whole God topic. Not to mention the definition of God is a very personal thing. In Christian culture, this separation is represented by the metaphor of the Garden of Eden. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we have been programmed to  feel we "don't deserve" and that we somehow were cast out of a perfect place--meaning the place we are now is less than perfect. Ever since our mind was able to conceive of this tale or concept, we have strived to return to Eden, to change our behaviour/actions/deeds, to deserve God's love. This is further protrayed in our relationships and all our stations in life. Children wanting their parents love and approval. Parents wanting their childrens love and approval. Young adults wanting the love of a partner. We started to define what that love would look like and what was needed to be worthy of that love, without even being aware that this is what was happening. This striving for love, approval and that perfect place/life/world has snowballed and now has people even more disconnected and so far from the simple truth. How does one get back to the simple truth or even know what that truth is? Well sometimes the only way out of it, is for the snowball to run into something hard and shatter it. Sometimes it can just hit a bump, get a dent and lose some momentum, slowing it down a bit. Whatever way it happens, something noticeable enough  to stop the snowball has to occur to awaken you. Now some people think the entire snowball is heading for a wall. I suppose we can not know for sure. But years ago I made the choice to jump off the snowball. It required me to see my self, my life and my world in a different way. I figured whether the whole was going to hit a wall or not, I would at least experience the rest of my days in a meaningful way. I hoped that if enough people jumped off that moving snowball, it would lose momentum, slow down and not hit the wall. The verdict may still be out, but I see a lot of good around me. I am living in a way that feels better for me. I am experiencing that feeling with other people. If you want peace and happiness in your life and in your world, you need to jump off that snowball--be the change you want to see. Change this story of needing to be accepted and return to some illusionary Eden. Create your Eden now. I've dedicated myself to showing people how it is possible to do this and how it truly works. Are you ready to jump off that snowball before it hits the wall? 

Season Greetings and Best Wishes for 2013.



November 2012

Paying It Forward: Beyond Donating Time and Talent

                As we approach the American Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays I think we all become a little reflective about ways to give back. Perhaps you are thinking about how you can help others during this holiday season? You may notice an increase in the number of fundraisers and requests for donations around this time of the year. There are always people in need, less fortunate than ourselves, and this time of the year calls each of us to think about helping in our own way. This is commendable and I always look to the holiday season from the perspective that at least it is one time of the year that a great number of people are living the principles of love and light.  If not all year, I will take the month or two around Christmas.

                However, the paying if forward that I want to bring into your thoughts is a little different.  I am referring to paying if forward to our children and the children of the future. Many of you reading this are parents, aunts/uncles, or even grandparents. How are we giving to our children and the children of tomorrow? There are many ways to give to the next generation and I will shed light on three concepts.

                First of all we can give back through our parenting. Whether we are actually a biological parent to a child, we are all parent figures to many children. Some people are even more so parent figures because of their work relations with children or teens. But please consider for a moment that each of us, at any given moment throughout the day, is called to be parents, whether to our own children, another child or even an adult. A parent is someone who is supportive, encouraging, compassionate, and understanding. There are times when a parent needs to be an advisor or provide guidance. When you expand this concept of parenting in this way, you can see we all are called to live this way 24/7. We are called to live this through our actions and words. These qualities come from within and are fostered and nurtured when we are being a good parent to ourselves. When you are being this way, first for yourself, it naturally flows out to those around you.  Those around us learn even more from what we do, than what we say. This is “being the change we want to see”; living by example; paying it forward to our children and the children of the future.

                The second way we can take care of the future generations is to re-assess our relationship with mother earth. Are we living in balance with nature? Or are we taking more than our share? Little steps go a long way. When we live by example we teach our children how to live in balance as well. In what ways can you reduce your consumption? How can you re-use? Can you do more to recycle? Teaching the difference between needs and wants by modeling that difference yourself is a good first step. Spending a little extra for the environmentally friendly products and services can help. Use your consumer habits to send a message to the powers that be, that we want to see changes in products and practices; especially in the foods we are consuming. What are you putting in your body and your child’s body? We have a rise in obesity, diabetes, allergies, cholesterol and heart disease. These are all symptoms that can be drastically reduced with lifestyle choices. Stand back for a moment and look at how ludicrous it all is. Our society tells our children they need to look and dress a certain way. We as parents may be telling them otherwise, but we turn around and buy into the market ourselves. Then we eat more than we need and in ways that are unhealthy making it more challenging to achieve that perfect image society tells us we need to have. We do this all the while, spending more time in front of computers and TV, doing less physical activity than ever before. I think we owe more to ourselves and our children. “Be the change you want to see”; living by example; paying if forward to our children and the children of the future.

                Sometimes things can feel overwhelming and out of control. Maybe reading this is making you feel hopeless or deflated. BUT please hear me when I say “you have more control than you realize and it is easier than it appears”. This is so, when you are leading by example in this third way. Slow down, and connect to your spirit within. Build and foster a relationship with you. Take time to be still and quiet and alone 20-30 minutes a day. All of the rest begins to fall into place. You begin to feel more empowered. When you feel more empowered you do not have to “react” in the same old ways. You begin to change how you think, feel and act. It really is that simple. But we are conditioned to have instant responses and results; this process takes patience and practice, so we push it aside. “Whatever”, “It doesn’t work for me”, “I can’t do it”, “and It’s not for me”. Yet there are many people for centuries that have done it, and it does work. Any great or successful person in history will tell you that they did a version of this. So when are you going to give it an honest try? When are you going to “be the change you want to see”; living by example; paying it forward to our children and the children of the future?

                I want to pay it forward, by helping you succeed in your efforts to live life in this way. Starting December 1st, I will post a daily meditation for 12 days. Listen to one each day for 12 days, then go back and listen to them over again for another 12 days. Use them afterwards any time you need help to quiet your mind. Once you develop this practice you will find ways to do it easily and effortlessly whether on your own or with guided recordings.  Together we can “be the change we want to see”; live by example; and help our children and the children of the next generation.

So stay tuned for the link to the “Meditation Challenge”, available on this website starting December 1st.

Also if you want to be a part of a local fundraising event, join me on December 11th, at 7:30pm in Caledonia at Body Waves Fitness. Bring a gift card to donate to Haldimand-Norfolk REACH program and come out for a inpsirational talk "You are amazing, just the way you are", raffles and meet and greet. I'd love to see you.

With gratitude and blessings,



October 2012


Bullying: Perhaps a Different Perspective

The topic of bullying seems to be dear to many people and talked about a lot. It would appear that there is more bullying these days. But I argue that bullying has always been around, it is just our access to social media that has brought it forth to our attention and magnifying the opportunities to bully someone. I also argue that bullying has many faces. Finally, we are all bullies. I told you it might be a different perspective. So let me elaborate.

Bullying in the way that we talk about it today with kids has been around for at least 33 years. I know this because in elementary school I witnessed it first hand, against both myself and some other kids, and by both classmates and even a teacher. Realistically, bullying has always existed in our society. Throughout history there has always been one party claiming and exerting power over another party; Native American Indians, Slavery, Holocaust, Rape, every war ever fought. We may call it something else, but in essence it is bullying.

Bullying has many faces. It is intertwined throughout our culture and society. All of the examples I listed above are examples of groups of people, bullying groups of people. This happens all the time. On a more personal level, look around you and you will likely see bullying. Bosses, co-workers, family members, partners, even friends are all capable of being bullies. Those times in our life when we feel we have no choice but to do what another person expects of us, or we fear repercussions of not doing something, are moments when we are personally feeling bullied. These moments cause us to feel powerless. I am sure that everyone has experienced this at some point in their life. Maybe you are experiencing this daily.

Just as each of us has been bullied at some point, each and every one of us has also been the bully. When we want our way, it is very normal to exert our power over someone else. Take for example, that parent who feels they are just making sure their child is doing or being their best. So they criticize them or push them to be even better. This is bullying.  Another example of when we have been the bully is when we have tried to fit in or be accepted, and this has alienated someone else. Even if you did not intentionally bully another, you very well may have come across as a bully to that person. I am sure that those that bullied me would not see their actions as bullying. Or even that teacher would deny she was a bully—she was doing her job, keeping order, exerting discipline. That parent really believes they have their child’s best interest at heart or they belief that they are preparing them for life.

I believe that so many people take part in this discussion about bullying because they relate to it on all these levels—witnessing it, personally being bullied and having been the bully. So many times, and in so many ways we feel disempowered in our lives. Bullying is the expression of this disempowered feeling. When we feel disempowered we can either be the one that feels they are bullied. This person would feel little or no self-confidence, weak, alone, unsupported, afraid. OR when we feel disempowered we can be the bully and feel the need to exert ourselves over someone else—our spouse, our child, a classmate. The bullied and the bully are more alike than it first appears.

The reasons someone feels disempowered are numerous. That is why the matter of bullying has always been around, and will continue to be around. It may be amplified today because as a society we are busier, noisier and more disconnected then ever before. If you want to stop a bully or help someone who is being bullied, they need to learn healthy ways to feel empowered. The feeling of empowerment comes from within. It involves feeling safe; having your emotional needs met, feeling confident, acceptance and love for yourself, being able to communicate your needs and faith in something beyond this physical existence.

Discussing the topic is important but we need to take action. Just telling someone they are pretty or perfect when they have been bullied is not enough. They need to feel pretty and perfect themselves. Punishing a bully is not enough either. They need to be treated to get to the root of their disempowerment. There are ways to do this. It starts by stopping and taking inventory of how we are living our life, the influences with fall prey to. We have to quiet ourselves, stop being so busy and listen to our inner voice. It involves being mindful of how you are feeling and how others are feeling.

All of this discussion on bullying brings with it the opportunity to look for solutions. Thankfully there are many light workers out there, helping people with feeling empowered.  Together we can change one soul at a time.




September 2012

Do you ever feel pulled in too many directions? Life getting so busy you haven't had a minute to chill? Perhaps you find yourself getting snappy (at the least) with your partner or children? Maybe your over tired, eating on the run, and not taking care of yourself physically? Many times our "busy ness" is for righteous causes and it feels justified. Other times it feels there is no option because things must be done.

I know this lifestyle all too well, it was mine for many years. Eventually it will run you down, whether physically or emotionally. Eventually it will come to a stop, but in a way that is even more stressful. So why not be proactive? What about putting a stop to it yourself, intentionally? Sounds impossible? Well, it is actually very simple.

Sit somewhere in silence. Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing (1-2minutes). Bring your attention to the center of your chest. Just observe while you are sitting in silence, breathing and focusing on the area within your chest. Just witness what is there. It could be anything; a sensation, a colour, a feeling, a thought.

Imagine for a moment that you are a parent and a child has come up to you to share their excitement, or perhaps their anger or sadness. As that parent you would be there to hear them, to offer comfort, support or even counsel. So while you are observing your heart center it is the same scenario, your heart is the child and you the parent. Just observe and be there for yourself for as long as needed.

Now imagine the colour emerald green filling your heart center. Bathing your chest with the healing colour green. Breathing and visualizing green, while holding the intention that all is well and all will be well.

Do this for as long as you feel you need to. Do this each day at a time of the day that suits you. It is that simple.

Too much of our time is spent focused outward. It is time for each of use to focus inward to this place within us where spirit resides. Your health and well-being depends on it. The health and well-being of our nation depends on it. IT IS TIME.

With blessings,


August, 2012

To fully appreciate the message for this month, you probably need to watch the video I recorded. So go ahead and have a peek if you haven’t already. You can find it on You Tube http://youtu.be/yWwo93gmRBs

Now that you have watched the video, I am curious to know what you think. Did you have a little laugh? Are you scratching your head as to why I recorded myself talking about that subject? I can only guess that you were not expecting me to discuss that. Frankly, I really do not know why I recorded myself speaking about that subject. Of all the topics I could speak about that one is the furthest from my comfort zone, experience and even interests.

Let me explain how the video came to be and in the process share with you a little about being true to yourself and following your intuition.

I have been aware of intuition and guidance systems for about six years now. Along the way I have had many surprises and many ups and downs. The one thing that I vowed to myself was that I would always follow my intuition. This has not always been easy. Sometimes it is crazy and even scary. But I have never regretted what has been true intuitive guidance. I say “true intuitive guidance” because there is some detective work in knowing what is real and what is ego; but, more about that shortly.

One of the ways I connect to my guidance system is through my dreams. I am a vivid dreamer and have come to know how to interpret my dreams really well. Years ago I came across the work of Edgar Cayce in the book “The Essential Edgar Cayce” and there was a chapter on dreams. Basically Cayce divided dreams into categories: compensatory, fear, theme, physical body and psychic. Once I place my dream into one of these categories the interpretation becomes really easy. I have become accustomed to some classic traits in my dreams for each of these categories. For example, if I awake all congested and my nasal passages plugged, this is evident of a fear dream for me.  This is a body cue for me. (You can learn more about body cues in the workshop “Tools for Communicating with Spirit).  In the same way, my psychic dreams are very characteristic for me. I always here my name first and the dream repeats itself over and over, as though trying to capture my attention. Just as I am about to awake I get a distinct message and knowing of what the dream is about.

A couple of weeks ago, I was dreaming about someone going through a golf bag and explaining what each club did. The dream just kept repeating over and over, pulling a club out of the bag and talking about it. Finally as I am coming out of the dream I see it is a video on You Tube. Of course I awake a little taken aback. First I go through my usual inquiry, confirming that yes this is a psychic dream and that in fact the message is to record someone talking about golf clubs and put it on You Tube.  Next I go to You Tube to see what is already recorded on this topic. Surprisingly there were not many videos on this specific topic. Well maybe not so surprising according to my son and husband. Later when I shared my vision with them, they assured me with much laughter, rolling of the eyes and shaking of the head, that such a video is stupid and pointless.  That definitely did not help with my confidence about any of this.

Recall in my dream I said "someone" was doing the talking, but I actually did not see that someone. I do not golf and know nothing about golf, so needless to say I assumed it would be my son or husband. They both made it perfectly clear that they were not doing it. In fact they were a little cynical. In fact at one point my husband very abruptly told me that it was my vision and maybe I should do it if it is was that important to me.

I have to admit the whole encounter with the both of them was very deflating. I was already feeling both excited and confused by my dream. I thought my husband would be more supportive of this whole ideal. Especially since by now he knows how my intuition works.  I stormed away somewhat annoyed and even more confused questioning why I had this dream. It makes no sense to me, and my family is not being helpful.

I can start to rationalize numerous possibilities for what the purpose would be to record this video and yet none are feeling right. Intuitively I am not getting a sense, or a knowing, or an AHA moment that would help me to understand the significance of this message to record such a video. But my husband’s words kept ringing in my head “it is your dream why don’t you do it”.

He was absolutely right, it is my dream and I am confident that the dream is guidance of some sort. So I put my money where my mouth is and follow my gut. For now I really am unsure of its significance; yet, I trust that I will know. It could be in a week, a month or even a year from now. But history has shown me that it is always revealed.  I record it in a journal (or in this case on my here for the world to see) and someday I will have that AHA moment and it will all make sense. In the process, the whole experience teaches me a few things and in the end if that is all that comes of it, just as well. Hence, the birth of the video of me talking about the golf clubs you may find in your bag.

What can you learn from my experience? This experience really does illustrate how the intuitive process works. Whether your message comes while dreaming, meditating or in some other way these are common elements:

  •          You may not understand its meaning or significance at the time
  •          Others may not support you or understand what you are doing
  •          You may seem unsure, even scared and yet you feel something in your heart
  •          True guidance repeats itself and remains consistent in its message
  •          True guidance is not harmful to you or anyone else
  •          If you ignore it you will feel unrest and eventually it will come back to you

 Here are some tips for when you are in this type of situation:

·         Record the guidance in a journal

  •         Ask yourself lots of questions about the guidance you have received
  •         Discern the pros and cons, is there any harm in following the guidance
  •         Leave it for a while, when you go back to it  does it feel the same, true guidance is consistent
  •         Ask yourself how you feel about the guidance, what does that tell you about yourself
  •         Talk about it with someone you trust, they may give you insight
  •         Mirror any reactions you have to your reaction or others that you share it with

There is a process to discerning whether thoughts are truly guidance and where they are coming from, but that is all a part of the congruent wellness journey. The more you experience and work with it, the more you master it.

Mostly I hope you learn from this that you must be true to yourself.  Really a message to videotape this may not seem like a big deal, yet the whole thing came up in a way that is truly connected to my intuitive process.  My intuition is a part of who I am, and I would not be complete if I ignored, even something like a message to record a golf video.  

Of course I am very curious about my guidance and can’t wait for the mystery to be unveiled.  I’m really nervous that my next dream will be of me actually swinging the club---that would be a hoot for sure.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Be blessed, 




July, 2012

This month I want to write about healing the past with spiritual vision. I can only presume that the phrase "spiritual vision" arises many different meanings. For the purposes here "spiritual vision" means to see things from a different perspective, to view a situation and look for the positive.  I realize that at times circumstances can be so unbearable that a positive view is hard to find. Sometimes seeing the positive takes a little time and you may need to start by asking what you can learn from the situation.

Now on to the concept of past, present and future. The present is a product of the past. Your mind is a database of every thought, feeling and action that you have experienced.  This database is what you felt, how you reacted, and what you came to believe about a particular event/circumstance/situation that you experienced. When a similar situation arises in the present, you go back to your database and naturally respond similarly. So your past creates the present experience.

Every species functions on the need for survival. Due to this need for survival, the data we mostly remember are those things that were perceived as dangerous or harmful. This ensures that if a similar situation arises again, we can protect ourselves from the perceived harm. The new event only has to resemble the previous situation, or arise a similar feeling. A circuit is triggered in the mind going back to the stored data and responding accordingly. It is our nature to position ourselves to be on guard. So we do not naturally or easily see things with spiritual vision. To hold a positive or alternative perspective can be challenging until it becomes a new way of being.

Bringing spiritual vision into your experience takes some practice. It requires you to slow down, stop, observe and inquire before reacting out of habit. When you are first starting sometimes these steps will take place after you have already reacted; but, better late than never. When a situation arises, you will respond based on what is in your database. To begin to change that data you have to call on a new perspective. Ask yourself "how can I look at this in a different way, how else can I look at this, what positive might I find in this situation?" When something is so horrible that no positive can be summoned ask what it can teach you.

Consider a situation in your life in which you want something. It undoubtedly will require you to try or do something different then what you have been currently doing (otherwise you wouldn't want it because you would already have it). Habitually the old data will arise bringing up many thoughts and feeling that may interfere with you moving towards or getting what you want. To look at it with spiritual vision sit somewhere quietly with a pen and paper and begin to bring witness to your thoughts, feelings or reaction. This is the process of inquiry. Ask yourself what you are truly feeling and where it is coming from. Once you identify this, you can begin to see it from alternative scenarios and it will hold less power over you. You will see it from a clearer point of view. This insight, once practiced on yourself, improves your clarity about others and life in general. It is often referred to as intuition or awareness.

Sometimes this inquiry will take you to the first time the situation arose. In hypnosis this is referred to the initial sensitizing event. When you re-visit the past you will see it from a different perspective and that frees you from re-experiencing the pattern over and over. By releasing or healing the past you create a different experience for the present because you have altered your database. This new database, now allows for a different reaction creating a different experience in your future as well.

Look at your life with spiritual vision. Begin today looking for a different perspective, a more positive alternative. The workshop called Reframing takes you through exercises to show you a way to see things differently. Of course if you can not manage to see things for yourself, lifestyle coaching is also available. Let me be your eyes and ears until your vision is more clear.

Be blessed,


June, 2012

As I embark on my first Congruent Wellness message I pause to reflect on how I got here. I love those moments when you realize in hindsight the path that has brought you to where you are. The seeds for this creation where planted several years ago, but I had no idea what would grow. Today when I look at what has transpired and become Congruent Wellness Coaching it seems so obvious. For those of you that are computer savvy I am sure the format you see here, my website, is very common. But for me, it was the furthest thing from my mind. For many years I had a sense of something I needed or wanted to do, but how that would be presented or shared was unclear. My vision of what it would look like changed many times. It only took me two to three years to understand some of the messages and guidance I had been given over the years. Now when I see what my vision looks like, I realize-oh that is what it meant. I keep a journal of everything, so it is neat to look back and see how month to month, spanning over years, I was actually creating what you see here today.

December 22, 2011 I decided it was time to “just do it”. I wanted to be sharing my work but still did not know what this would look like. It took another 2 months to connect to the idea of the website and 4 months to bring it to fruition. So here it is and what a journey it has been.

I awoke today inspired by the much needed rain. I often use metaphors to illustrate what I am feeling. I’ve come to really resonant with the metaphor of life being a garden. Life aligned with love, consisting of knowing and receiving what you want or need, is a garden in full bloom. This garden is lush and full of colorful flowers. You are sitting right in the center of the garden with your nose to the flowers, taking it all in.The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the scene is picture perfect. Maybe your life is this way. But for many this scene would seem a fantasy. However if you stop and really study the working of the garden, perhaps, it is more realistic to life than it first seems.

I have some lovely gardens at my home. Each year I am surprised by their showcase. Sometimes I plant something and it does not grow. Sometimes I think it is gone, only to have it show up next year. Some plants flourish and give me a beautiful showing each year. Others do well one year and not so great the next. Sometimes the plant gets too big and needs to be divided. Sometimes the plant needs to be moved to a different location. Other times the plant needs to be taken from the garden all together because it does not fit in anymore. What about those weeds? Weeds are every gardener’s nightmare. They can take over the garden and sabotage the health of the other plants. You have to spend hours removing them. If you do not get them right down to their roots, they just sprout again. Really you try not to hate them, but they just do not add to the garden you are cultivating. These plants represent your thoughts, feelings, and desires. To have the beautiful lush garden there is a lot actually going on. Consider the bees, insects and birds that visit your garden. Sometimes we are not so fond of those bees buzzing around, worried they may sting us. Yet they are needed for the pollination of the garden. The birds may be more welcomed, but sometimes we even prefer the hummingbird over the crow. These represent those people and situations in our life that may bring us challenges, but are so needed for our growth.

Our gardens need rain as much as they need the sunshine. Sure you can water the garden with a hose, but that is not always enough. Sometimes it needs a good thorough rainfall for it to really grow. During the rain it may be gloomy and you do not even have time to see the beauty of the garden because you are stuck indoors. But when the rain stops, which it always does, and the sun returns, which it always does, your garden looks even more beautiful. A life experienced in the same way the garden grows, is a life lived. This is the journey of the Congruent Wellness. Experiencing the many facets of life, accepting the good with the not as good, as just a part of the whole. Sometimes the garden may feel like a lot of work. Sometimes the work feels worth it. Sometimes it feels effortless. In the end it is all good, when you sit back and just let you enjoy it. Marvel at the intricacy of the journey, the stages, the changes and you will have a life in full bloom.

Be Blessed,

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