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Best gift I could ever give myself...

I started seeking out Leanne’s workshops in 2011. I was hoping to find help to heal and cope with injuries from a car accident that so many specialists could not help me with – I also wanted to feed my personal interest in the mind-body connection and the law of attraction. I thought I could learn to use the power of my mind and thoughts to heal my body.

I tried on my own, before I met Leanne, for about a year. I really “thought” I was thinking, acting and speaking positive and I was reading a ton of books. I tried all of the tools I was reading about but I was mentally and physically exhausted and I broke down crying often because it all felt like a lie. My life was not enjoyable, I felt like each day was a struggle to get through.

I needed help and direction from Leanne. I was struggling in all parts of my life and I was not feeling the peace and happiness or anything close to these wonderful things I am experiencing now. I started the guided meditations and personal coaching along with the workshops and gained so much more than just healing my physical body. I really found the use of the guided meditation helpful for me to uncover the root of what needed attention.  

The workshops and personal coaching I had with Leanne at Congruent Wellness Lifestyle Coaching have helped me to start living a LIFE I AM HAPPY TO BE A PART OF...  Thank you, Leanne, for the life changing gifts.   Ashley –Stoney Creek, ON



Thank you for being an extraordinary mentor. I have done work with a few different people and really find you and your methods of teaching very clear, easy(well explained) , and most of all , for me, I find that you are not fear based AT ALL. I think I can speak for the entire group that we feel very blessed to have you in our lives and to be mentored by you!! I'm very excited to keep practicing and learning to eventually put everything together to feel complete.   Josie-Ancaster, ON 


I was looking to change my life. Although I didn't know I was living as the victim, I did know that I felt sad and broken and that I had physical injuries/pain. I had been given your card at least a year before I called. I pulled it out of a pocket after not thinking about it since the time it was given to me, and thought wow I guess I need to call this lady.
I send my friends to you who also feel stuck. Either from emotional pain or from physical pain.  I'm amazed at how much you can offer and make the light bulb go off in our minds.
I still feel like a student and don't always know what to do next, so I just say see Leanne, she's my teacher and she can fix anything. She's magic.  Kristine-Stoney Creek, ON



I want to thank you for what I’ve learned from you so far. Even though I feel I have more work to do on myself, I can see changes in my relationships with my husband and daughter. My household is much calmer; we don’t fight as much, because I think before I get mad, about why I’m actually angry. Little changes I’ve made are rubbing off on those around me.   Lily, Stoney Creek, ON


I can't thank you enough for all the support and guidance you have given me. I am so grateful for everything you do.  Barb, Ancaster, ON


When I first sought you out, I was trying to understand what my Life Purpose was.  I had your card and went on to your website and you were offering a class on Life Purpose.  Funny how the words matched perfectly.  I was lost and feeling horrible about myself, family and work. I had gone through so much and it wasn’t getting better. It still felt the same thing day in and out.  I had no idea what the heck I was doing here and felt there had to be more.  Over the years I tried the church, but didn’t feel I belonged or that was the answer.  I was then learning about intuition, becoming aware of talents and basically had the feeling that I had to learn more.  This is where you came in.  Your words resonate with me, each time taking me closer to knowing me, my thoughts and  a better understanding of what all this is. I don’t feel I am seeking anything anymore. I’m at peace and feel calm that all is coming my way.  I know the ups and downs will always be there, there will always be something to query and understand better, that just is.  It sure is cool being on this side of it, so I thank you for that.  Deb, Hamilton, ON


I am still kind of smiling inside today and am most grateful knowing that I am taking "a step in the right direction." You most often seem to know just what I need to hear.  Maybe because you recognize the signs; whatever the reason, it doesn't matter, just let me once again THANK YOU.  For what it is worth, I am ever so grateful that you are doing what you do.

I was recalling how it came to be that I met you and it simply amazes me .  And I also see how and why I am where I am.  SIMPLY AMAZING !!!!   

Once again THANK YOU Leanne for the clarity, that it was just Fear.
Just needed it pulled together in a different way that enabled me to recognize it for what it really is.  Pat, Hamilton, ON



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